Don’t Get Cited on the Condescending Brand Corporate Page

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Have you seen the Condescending Brand Corporate Page on Facebook? I’d call them a service to humanity: they highlight annoying, irrelevant posts by brands on social media and give you a range of examples on what not to do.

It’s a parody of many brands on Facebook. As their “About” page says:

Welcome to our Facebook page! We’ll be posting up plenty of engaging content to hopefully steal you away from your daytime chores and daily viewing of the Jeremy Kyle Show. We’ll also be asking some very open-ended questions that even a Chimp would find condescendingly offensive

Let’s look at a couple of recent posts.

Irresponsible Facebook post by shoe brand

Christian Louboutin asks its followers on Facebook if they have named any of their children after their Louboutin shoes. However big a brand you are, please don’t treat your customers this way. Look at the angry comments on that photo!


After every tragedy, some social media managers decide this is the perfect time to promote their products. This food site tweeted expressions of sympathy along with suggestions of breakfast and links (presumably to their site).

So make sure you don’t get featured on the Condescending Brand Corporate Page or other such pages. Treat your followers with respect: their attention is a privilege that you have to continuously earn.

And that’s a good lesson for all the people in your life, not just your followers and business contacts.

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