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Markitty offers daily tips and insights based on YOUR online marketing. Take a tour or sign up (free)!

Read on to learn more about Markitty and about the team behind it (hi!)

Get Markitty Beta Now (Free for Limited Period)

That’s right, Markitty beta is up and ready for use! Go ahead and sign up while it’s still free.

You should get Markitty if:

  • You are a small business (restaurant or retail store or business services or florist or anything, really)


  • You have a Facebook Page, Twitter account, website, or blog (at least one of these) for your business 


  • You want to make better use of online marketing.

Markitty will help you by giving you your important stats in one place and offering useful tips and suggestions. Try it out for free!

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Better Marketing Is Now Markitty

We have been a little quiet on the blog and social media in the last few days, because we were working on a big change. If you’ve noticed, we have moved our website from to We’ve changed our Facebook and Twitter URLs as well.

Why did we change?

This change was always in the works. We just wanted to wait until we were ready to announce it.

What’s Markitty?

Markitty is our soon-to-be-released software tool that gives you automated, personalized suggestions on improving your online marketing. Click here for details.

What else changes?

Nothing, for now. We’re still offering services, and our blog will continue as usual. We’ve tried to fix all our website links, but if you find something isn’t working, let us know.

Questions? Feedback? Hit the comments section!