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Weekend Reads for Better Marketing: Improve Your Customers’ Experience

Serve up a complete experience to your customers

Do you know how many of your visitors are using phones and tablets to view your website or app? Is your website or application optimized for mobile?

This article has web design best practices that you should be aware of: it focuses on the iPad Mini, but most of this is relevant for any mobile device.

And Rand Fishkin explains why every company should have a marketing-focused web development team.

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Weekend Reads for Better Marketing: LinkedIn Endorsements and Twitter Follower Count

This seems to be Tools Week! Neil Patel shares ten mission-critical tools for every modern marketer. How many of these do you use? I use only two — IFTTT and Hello Bar. But I plan to start using Hootsuite and KISSmetrics soon — these are both very popular and recommended tools, and I’m hoping they’ll help us!

Rand Fishkin, Founder and CEO of SEOMoz, shares 24 things that he wished he had known “then” (at the beginning of his entrepreneurial journey. My favorite is, obviously, #10:

“Better marketing often trumps a better product. Invest in both.”

Lisa Barone shares seven rules for writing awesome content. The first, of course, is telling stories.

I hate LinkedIn’s new Endorsement feature — I think it makes it far too easy for people to endorse others and makes it somewhat of a popularity contest. But since it’s there, you might as well use it, and Social Media Examiner has tips.

This study of 36 million Twitter users finds that the number of followers you have directly correlates to how often you tweet. So, how many tweets have you sent out this week?

Weekend Reads for Better Marketing: Mistakes You Shouldn’t Make

Mistakes post-itAmber Naslund says: “Smart businesses don’t make it difficult for people to leave.” And “Desperation is not a customer retention strategy.” Wise words, those.

Have you created your editorial calendar yet? Make sure you haven’t made any of these four mistakes.

Don’t try to write impersonally. Dan Shipper says: Continue reading Weekend Reads for Better Marketing: Mistakes You Shouldn’t Make

Weekend Reads for Better Marketing: Remote Work and SEO

Happy Friday! This week, we have tips on using content for your business, making your posts more search-friendly and having your author information show up, starting out with Twitter ads, and working remotely. Let’s dive in!

How can you make your blog posts Google-friendly? This post at Business from the Kitchen Table provides nice easy steps for you to follow to get your blog post found online.

How can you have author information show up in search results for your posts? Google tells you.

ExploreB2B details seven ways to get content to work for your business, with practical examples of how they worked for the author or her colleagues.

If you’ve been curious about Twitter ads but not sure how to start, here’s a handy guide to getting started with Promoted Accounts or Tweets.

One investment firm found that their remote workers are more engaged than those who work in the same office: and this blogger at HBR suggests why. If you’re a remote worker, you might want to read these six tips for working remotely that I’d written earlier.

Have a great weekend, and wish you better marketing!

Weekend Reads for Better Marketing: SMBs and Social Media

A new study of SMBs’ use of social media turns up some interesting results, among which are:

  • 36% of respondents spend $845 a month on social media management tools
  • 76% measure referral traffic from social platforms to websites
  • Facebook is the most popular social media site (73%), followed by LinkedIn and Twitter
  • The most common use of social media is to share information (91%); only 46% see social media as a place to handle customer service issues

Copyblogger has a comprehensive guide to formatting WordPress posts and pages — which also works if you’re using a different content management or blogging platform.

Lisa Barone tells you how to create an editorial calendar for your blog.

Lisa also explains how to use stock photographs better by telling you what not to do.

The Wall Street Journal takes on one of my favorite topics — procrastination — and offers four great tips on managing it.

So next week, stop procrastinating and work on improving your marketing! And if you see any good tips on the subject, don’t forget to let us know.

Weekend Reads for Better Marketing: Website and Social Media

HubSpot has an excellent post on what your website navigation should include. Remember, the purpose of your website’s navigation is to enable visitors to quickly find the information they are looking for. If they can’t get to it in three clicks or less, you’re in trouble.

Why are blog comments important and how can you get more of them?

CEOs remain strangely reluctant to tweet: and McKinsey Global Institute reports that “social technologies stand to unlock from $900 billion to $1.3 trillion in value.” So if you are a business-owner or CEO and you aren’t tweeting, what’s your excuse?

And just tweeting isn’t enough: web users in the U.S. now spend more time on Facebook than on all of Google’s sites.

I have been using WordPress (the web and installed versions) for several years now, and I love this post with ten reasons to use WordPress. If you don’t have a blog for your business yet, use WordPress and set it up!

Weekend Reads for Better Marketing: Blogging, Twitter, Yelp, Etc.

These are the five articles that I enjoyed most this week. Let me know if you like them!

Problogger outlines a common problem with blogs (how to use your older posts) and suggests an brilliant solution.

I was surprised to learn that restaurants aren’t the biggest category on Yelp. Another interesting tidbit: “Every Star in a review leads to a 5-9 percent jump in revenues.

Copyblogger has the ultimate guide to Twitter marketing.

Copyblogger also emphasizes the importance of headlines in your content.

Stop trying to engage your audience: try to be helpful instead. This is a must-read for every business-owner and marketer on Twitter.

Weekend Reads for Better Marketing: Content and Blogs

Now this is a really cool description of content marketing.

Business is about solving problems for people not telling them that your product is the best widget ever invented because they won’t believe you… give them a hint or a tip for a solution to their pain and they will keep turning up to your website or blog to find out more.

The secret to increasing blog subscribers is to post more often.

If you didn’t believe me, here’s Lisa Barone telling you to read industry blogs!

This post has fantastic tips on making your blog posts more readable.

And this post explains how you can use hashtags on Twitter for better marketing.

Now what are you waiting for? Go on, write that blog post and promote it on Twitter!

Weekend Reads for Better Marketing: Analytics and SEO

This article explains how you can use Google Analytics to grow your business. If you’re not doing this yet, start now!

From Lisa Barone again, here is an easy explanation of SEO and how you should do it.

More on SEO: it’s all about content.

Neil Patel explains how to create videos that convert. And see, he too starts with “write your own script!” So get on to creating that content.

John Jantsch shares three simple tips that will help you get more reviews online.

Have a great weekend, and wish you better marketing!

Weekend Reads for Better Marketing: First Edition

Starting today, we’ll post a round-up of useful marketing news and tips every Friday, just in time for the weekend. So you can read on a lazy weekend afternoon and get to work on Monday improving your marketing!

Seven steps to a high-converting email marketing campaign: excellent advice. If you plan to start an email marketing program or have one already and want to improve it, go read.

My favorite marketing writer, Lisa Barone, offers four ways to fairly use content created by other people (and I’m using one of those here).

Lisa Barone also explains how you can use social media to build trust. Continue reading Weekend Reads for Better Marketing: First Edition