5 Reasons I Like Buffer (the Company)

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Buffer is one of my favorite tools, but it’s not just the application itself I like, it’s the company. So well, let me count the ways.

Simple App That Focuses on One Benefit

I love how simple and easy Buffer is to use (in fact, I liked the earlier interface even better, because it was more simple). I’ve tried a few social media scheduling tools, but this is the only one I stuck with.

Tweets scheduled on Buffer

One click on the text box, type in or paste your tweet, and you’re done.

Focused, Interesting Marketing Messaging

Buffer extends their clean design and focus to their other marketing messages. They don’t have a separate website domain: you can learn about the company at bufferapp.com/about and about the team at bufferapp.com/about/team. The design is similar to what’s in the app. The language is conversational, and there’s very little fluff. In the team page, each member talks about exactly what they do and what drives them.

I also like how they call their paid plan the “Awesome” plan, and there is just one plan and one price. Focused and simple (could be their buzzwords!)

Great Content Marketing Success Story

If you read about Buffer’s success, you will almost definitely see mentions of content marketing. They got their initial success almost exclusively through guest blogging, and are a great example to follow for the rest of us who are just starting out.


A monthly blog post with customer service numbers. A personal blog where the CEO shares his challenges and mistakes. Buffer is remarkably transparent, and I admire them for it.

Helping the Community

Joel not only shares his business insights and productivity tips on his blog, he makes himself available to help startups in various ways. One of these is his Office Hours for startups. Nilesh and I spoke to him at one of these recently, and he was encouraging, helpful, and extremely gracious.

What do you think of Buffer? Which business are you a fan of?

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