Our Best Posts of 2012

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New Year fireworks

started this blog nearly two years ago, when I wanted a space to put down my thoughts about marketing. Better Marketing wasn’t a business then — it wasn’t even the blog name.

It’s this year, after we started as a business, that we actually started writing regularly — and this is the 60th post of the year.

We would like to end the year by spotlighting both our most popular posts — that is, the ones you readers liked best — as well as my favorite posts.

The Most Popular Better Marketing Posts of 2013

These posts got us the most views in 2013.

  1. Common Email Marketing Mistakes: Using examples of Diwali emails in his inbox, Nilesh lays out common mistakes email marketers still make — and that you should avoid. This became by far our most popular post, getting over twice as many views as the next one.
  2. Interview with Lisa Barone, Small-Business Marketing Expert: My interview of our favorite marketing blogger Lisa Barone also got us a lot of views, especially from Lisa’s fans!
  3. Integrated Marketing Lessons from NH7 and Only Much Louder: Nilesh’s review of NH7’s marketing was not merely popular on our blog, it earned kudos from the brand manager as well.
  4. Marketing Lessons from a Professional Photographer: My learning from a friend who’s a professional photographer was outlined in this post.
  5. The Opposite of Marketing: Keeping Your Product Attributes A Secret: Nilesh wasn’t impressed by Infosys’ marketing of a new product.

Better Marketing’s Picks of Best Blog Posts of 2013

But here are my favorite posts which aren’t covered in the above list.

  1. 18 Things E-commerce Websites Must Get Right: We seem to have reviewed a lot of e-commerce websites this year, and Nilesh puts his opinions together in this blog post that explains simple ways to retain customers and nudge them towards a purchase.
  2. 5 Risks of Relying on Social Media Marketing: In this recent post, Nilesh explains why you shouldn’t put all your marketing eggs in the social media basket.
  3. Why You Shouldn’t Use Social Media: We are big advocates of using social media to connect with customers. However, you shouldn’t use social media if you fit any of these criteria. (I’m hoping you don’t!)
  4. A Complete Guide to Content Marketing for Small Businesses: I put together this guide to help you start out with content marketing.
  5. How to Determine Which Social Media Channels You Should Use: In this post, I share some rules-of-thumb you can use to decide which social media sites might be right for your business.

Happy New Year! May 2013 bring you more success. And if you have a post on this blog you like that I haven’t covered above, let us know!

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