Getting Featured on TechCrunch and Other Startup Achievements: Interview with the Founders of AppSurfer

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AppSurfer is a cool application that lets you try out apps before you buy them. The startup that built AppSurfer, RainingClouds Technologies, is in Pune. They recently got covered on TechCrunch for the second time.

We chatted with three of the Co-founders: Aniket Awati (CEO or Happy Co-Founder), Ratnadeep Deshmane (Geeky Co-Founder), and Amit Yadav (Business Co-Founder). Check out the videos below. (The audio isn’t good, I’m afraid, but I’ve added annotations that should help.)

How to Get Featured on TechCrunch

The secrets to PR are research, targeting, and persistence. Amit researched the TechCrunch journalists and decided to focus on one blogger who covered similar topics; he followed her on social media and tried to understand what they write about and what they’re interested in.

It took them six months from when they started trying to finally getting covered the first time.

Also: the first pitch should be really concise: “not more than eight lines,” says Aniket. Get them interested first, and you can send them all the details later if they respond.

I really love this part of the interview: this is a classic case study on how to get good PR.

From Writing Code to Managing a Company

How do a self-proclaimed bunch of techies run a company? We asked if they felt the lack of certain skills, and how they managed. Aniket talks about learning on the job and hiring to plug skills gaps. He also tell us that their advisor, Alok Kejriwal, has been invaluable with advice on business issues.

What Didn’t Work, Tracking Marketing Performance, What’s Next for AppSurfer

They track marketing metrics thoroughly, and especially look at engagement-related metrics: pages per visit, bounce rate, etc.

Growing from four Co-founders to nine people: how have they managed to maintain their levels of energy? Amit talks about how they maintain their culture; Aniket says they have something cool to work on every few months, which keeps everyone excited.

What’s next for AppSurfer? They are excited about the new Android app. “We want to be the YouTube of apps,” says Amit.

And we’re sure they will be. RainingClouds completed two years yesterday, and I bet there are many more years and bigger achievements to come for them.

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  1. First time I met Ratnadeep was in July last year and since than I have followed their progress through occasional meetings and social media. It’s exciting to see a team you know doing so well, and getting covered by international media!

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