About Us

Markitty started with a vision to make marketing easier and more efficient for small businesses. Online marketing has gone from being a new trick to being an essential part of almost every business’s marketing (or it should be). And while we love that the internet made marketing so much easier and fun, it also made it difficult in some ways.

There is so much advice on online marketing. 

Five years earlier, it was easy to find good, small blogs that helped you understand online marketing. It was easier to know whose advice to follow. But today, there is so much content out there it’s difficult for a time-strapped business-owner or marketer to get everything they need to know. In a way, this is a nice problem to have — so much free advice! And it’s a problem we are adding to, with our own marketing blog.

Online marketing itself keeps changing.

Facebook changes its features and guidelines every few months, if not more often. Google keeps updating its algorithm and penalizing you for something you didn’t know was wrong. Much of these changes are actually good for users: but they are tough to keep track of and know what to do.

Research is misleading.

There are so many case studies and statistics about online marketing: about users’ behavior on Facebook, about what other marketers are doing, about what works and what doesn’t. But the case study of what a large corporation did — or even a smaller one, with a different team and a different set of problems to deal with — doesn’t always help.

The only users’ behavior that matters to you is your customers’.  And the only statistics that matter are yours.

That’s why Markitty.

Where every day, you get actionable advice based on your marketing.

Most small businesses need ongoing help with marketing. And most can’t afford a consultant’s services all the time or to hire another person.

True, a lot of services a consultant provides can’t be automated. We don’t write your content for you. We don’t help you figure out your strategy.

What Markitty does is help you keep on track with your marketing. It reminds you that you need to work on it every day to get results. It tells you what needs your attention and what you need to improve. It even lets you ask questions on how you can improve your marketing, and get answers — from an actual person!

Markitty gives you marketing support at the price of a software.